Often while conversing with new folks, I am asked what “Algorics” means and how it all started. Deep down, when I reflect, it connects three dots- Passion for entrepreneurship, algorithms, and data analytics.

I always had a passion for algorithms. As a telecommunications engineer, my favorite subject was digital signal processing algorithms and I loved reading about them. My dream companies in my college days were Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. When Fourier Transform was an abstract subject, its application in digital imaging, Dolby music, and high dimension videos, gave a whole new context to how I started interpreting software algorithms. Some of my peers who are reading this must have learned computers with C programming from Dennis Ritchie's book on learning basic algorithms. Looking back, we have come a long way from palindrome exercises to sequence-to-sequence, deep-learning models in the last two decades.

Quantitative analysis is misused frequently in the corporate world. Have you ever been exposed to large dials and gauges in a dashboard without context, reference, and 3D pie and bar charts with slanting and half-exposed legends? This is another area where I wanted to simplify how analytics is practiced. My first exposure to databases and data models was with dBase in my school days, followed by Foxpro, one of the early foundational RDBMS built by Fox Software and later acquired by Microsoft. Learning basic DML and DDL commands and upgrading to database administration using Toad in Oracle were all part of my early years of work which fascinated me to slice and dice data.

My interest in analytics and dashboards only intensified with the MS-excel-based balanced scorecard project I designed for my department. A few years down the line, I upgraded my knowledge by adopting user-centric design to data visualization based on the book by Stephen Few, "Now you see it." All of these personal and professional experiences made me adopt a data-driven decision-making approach for myself and our clients.  

The collective passion for algorithms and analytics led to the amalgamated word "Algorics." My entrepreneurial journey has been nothing but exhilarating and I am so grateful to start a company that helps me follow my passion and grow with like-minded individuals every day.

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