Metadata-driven data transformation

Unleash the power of metadata with automation

MetaVate is a fully integrated modular solution with a unique, metadata-driven data transformation engine. Algorics experts have designed this system to support the conversion from any source to any target, including SDTM, ADaM and third-party data. A unified system with in-built CDISC standards, MetaVate is set to dramatically change the data standards automation landscape.

60% acclerated

SDTM conversion

50% faster

ADaM conversion

65% quicker

Define.xml creation

The MetaVate universe for any data transformation needs


Meta Transform

Legacy data conversion

As you prepare for your regulatory submission, legacy data conversion can be highly resource intensive. It gets more complex when your data has been handled by multiple CROs and platforms.

With MetaTransform,

  • Build end-to-end management of legacy data conversion
  • Enable your team with a technology-driven, expert approach
  • Scale faster to meet pressing timelines


Meta Stands

Data standards library setup

With a growing product portfolio, unkempt data from multiple vendors and legacy studies can limit timely insights generation and submission preparedness.

With Meta Stands,

  • Get standardized data for anytime insight generation
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with high-quality standards
  • Reduce costs with the reusability of standards


Meta Define

Regulatory submission package

For your submission, clinical studies conducted at various time points need to come together. Collating a large quantum of complex data to generate a holistic submission package can be daunting.

With Meta Define,

  • Expedite regulatory package creation
  • Generate deliverables including Define.XML schema version 2 and SAS transport files
  • Access enhanced Define.XML in HTML format

Study data technical conformance guide compliance

Meta Nymous

Data anonymization

In today’s clinical research world, ensuring the privacy of study participants is a must. De-identification of study data can help protect privacy while ensuring study outcomes remain unaffected.

With Meta Nymous,

  • De-identify data at multiple levels using metadata design
  • Make data available while protecting the privacy of study subjects
  • Harmonize anonymization across data states


Meta Reports

Preparing for ISS/ISE

An ISS/ISE is a critical part of your regulatory submission which requires pooling large volumes of data to generate safety and efficacy insights. This requires intensive planning backed by robust execution.

With Meta Reports,

  • Bring together large volumes of data for analysis and creating TLFs
  • Customize TLF shells based on study needs
  • Automate all your reporting requirements

E3 Structure and content of clinical study reports compliance

Meta Exec

CRO output package

As you partner with multiple CROs, ensuring quality and delivery oversight is essential. With limited resources, having dedicated staff to do this may not always be possible.

With MetaExec,

  • Leverage standards-driven scalable automation
  • Have an independent QC layer
  • Overcome aggressive timelines


Case Study

Leveraging MetaVate define module to expedite Define.xml creation from a week to two days per study


Download this brochure to learn how MetaVate can help you gain efficiencies in standards conversion

Why MetaVate?

▪ Maximizing resources without specialized SAS programming experience

▪ Data transparency and standardization

▪ Regulatory compliance with end-to-end support for complete traceability of execution

▪ Metadata-driven and aligned with CDISC 360 initiatives