Clinical data analysis, intelligence and visualization

Proactive analysis and actionable insights

As clinical trials become more complex and data sources more diverse, ensuring data integrity and maintaining consistent oversight is a huge challenge. Clarity enables centralized oversight at the patient, site, study and program level and provides powerful data visualizations to derive actionable insights at every stage.

Patient Insights

Site Insights

Study Insights

Safety summaries

Clarity analytics

Clarity includes powerful analytics capabilities with signals, alerts, and notifications for effective central monitoring. Pre-built dashboards provide multiple data-driven lenses to surface insights at the patient, site, and study levels to enable timely decision-making.

Patient Insights: Provides visual patient profiles across disparate data sources for real-time data monitoring (RTDM), tracking and reporting trends, and identification of anomalies instantly.

Site Insights: Enables problem sites, identification of early risks and site health with a site performance index and KRIs to enable targeted monitoring plans.

Study Operational Insights: Provides consistent real-time tracking of milestones including patient recruitment, enrollment, patient visit deviations, monitoring tasks, regulatory approvals, site contracts, and cycle times.

Safety Summaries: Brings together all critical safety data points including clinical laboratory evaluations, vital signs, physical findings, adverse events, and other observations for timely analysis and decision-making.

Clarity risk-based quality management

Clarity RBQM is an amalgamation of a powerful risk-based monitoring tool coupled with a robust team of central monitors and data managers. The combination of Clarity and Algorics oversight services creates an integrated solution that provides end-to-end clinical oversite and risk management.

Plan: Identify study-specific critical data, processes and associated risks, and assigning a risk severity score to build adequate mitigation controls.

Build: Creating a detailed Integrated Risk Plan (IRP) for cross-functional study teams to draft, review, finalize, and approve.

Surveillance: Data-driven surveillance across all study dimensions- patient, site, study, and quality tolerance limits.

Review: Facilitates signal management for study teams to create, manage, follow up, and action the risk signals identified, followed by an update of the Risk Inventory (RI).

Report: An automated tool integrating inputs from all previous modules through a “push-down” mechanism to generate reports and enabling study teams to review the final integrated risk plan (IRP), final Risk Inventory (RI), and signal summaries.


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