Clinical Data Management

Integrated clinical data management services for maximum efficiency and agility

Results-driven data strategy and execution

In today's complex clinical trial world with innovative study designs, novel endpoints and a diversity of data sources, clinical data management plays a key role in defining outcomes. With over 60% of data collected coming from non-EDC sources, the entire process of collecting, cleaning and analyzing data has become more time and cost intensive.
At Algorics, our global clinical data management team works with you end-to-end, right from the protocol stage in defining a robust data strategy, driving an efficient execution and helping you navigate challenges at every stage until database lock.

Database programming

Our team of database programmers are focused on ensuring the foundation of your clinical trial is rock solid and ready to deliver seamless execution.

Database design specifications and approval

eCRF design & screen testing

Database validation specification and programming

Vendor data acquisition planning

Medical coding setup

Database go-live and user management

Post-production database changes

EDCs supported

Oncology accelerators

270+ preconfigured CRF design and edit checks library

Automated clinical data reviews for 50+ manual checks

Oncology risk library (RACT)

Visual patient profiles with RECIST endpoints

Standardized BIMO listings reports

Agile data review

For in-progress data reviews, we bring in our proprietary technology, Clarity. Powered by data visualization to access, review and monitor data, Clarity enables near-real time data reviews to identify potential anomalies ahead of the curve and have mitigation strategies in place. In addition, Clarity also supports automated data review solutions to reduce manual listings and vendor reconciliation efforts.

Database lock and data closures

No matter how complex the study or disparate the data sources, we ensure the first two stages are executed smoothly, thus helping you sail through database lock ahead of time and with quality outcomes as follows

Database is clean and all queries have been addressed

All verification is complete

Coding is complete

Data reconciliation for all patient data is complete

All issues/risks are resolved and quality review is complete


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