Life at Algorics

Continuously innovating together for a better tomorrow

Building your career in clinical research

Helping biopharma and emerging biotechs find new treatments for unmet patient needs worldwide, is at the heart of Algorics. With us, you are contributing to something that changes the world for the better everyday.

What does it mean to be part of us?

Developing new therapies is an extremely time-consuming and costly process, and COVID-19 has brought it home to many how speed can change lives. Algorics has the vision to expedite and optimize this journey, so treatments can be beneficial yet cost effective. This we accomplish by leveraging what we call the heart of the clinical trial- “the clinical data”. You will be trained and encouraged to work across the clinical data journey.

Work Life Balance

Through COVID-19, more and more organizations realized the importance of enabling hybrid working models to ensure the safety of employees. Algorics had embraced the hybrid working style much ahead of time and we ensure our employees make room for what’s important to them- family, friends, hobbies and their mental and physical wellbeing. We have a strong employee engagement structure to ensure we connect, engage and enjoy what we do.

Diversity and Inclusion

Algorics is a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. With a growing number of women in middle management and our leadership teams, we are very focused on reaching the optimal gender balance in the work force. We are creating a safe and inclusive space as we build a culture that makes everyone feel valued, respected, and supported. This is a commitment we make to our employees and our customers every day.

Back to Work

If you are coming back into the workforce after a break or your maternity time off, Algorics is the place to be. We believe in bringing back talent into the workforce with stellar training programs that enable you to come back renewed, energized and as high performers.

For an exciting career, reach us at careers@algorics.com or see open job postings