Case Studies

Leveraging real-world data in ophthalmology drug development

The role of real-world data in clinical development and product innovation is widely accepted. Read More

Algorics collaborates with an emerging Oncology biotech to build an end-to-end data ecosystem

As an emerging biotech, often times the clinical data journey can be complex and daunting. Read More

Building robust data and engineering teams

Establishing a data and engineering team from scratch is a tough task especially when you are doing this in a new geography. Read More

Delivering a complex ISS/ISE submission

At the time of regulatory submissions, one of the most resource intensive and complex areas is getting the integrated summary... Read More

Supporting an emerging biotech with end-to-end data services for an oncology product

For an emerging biotech, budgets and resources are typically constrained and it requires an agile data partner to address the... Read More

Case Study - Expediting complex regulatory submissions with MetaVate

This US based biopharma company required an electronic submission package for over 13 studies to be submitted to the US FDA. ... Read More

Case Study - Harmonizing data with effective standards implementation

Faced with highly variable and complex data handled by multiple vendors and internal teams for a long time, the client approa... Read More