Designed to help sponsors automate the data standardization process, MetaVate comes with an inbuilt CDISC-compliant metadata library framework to support clinical data transformation from any source to any target, including legacy, CDASH, SDTM, ADaM, and Non-CRF data. 

With its auto-mapping feature, this innovative tool can streamline data transformation, improve reproducibility, and increase quality, thus significantly reducing timelines and enhancing productivity and programming efficiency. 

The new release offers the ability to handle a wide range of new use cases, including: 

  1. Legacy data harmonization: With the ability to harmonize data from legacy studies and historical assets, MetaVate helps achieve a unified format to improve data quality and insight generation. This feature enables sponsors to drive internal AI/ML initiatives utilizing legacy assets to build training data models for supervised and unsupervised algorithms.  
  2. 3rd-party data handling: Metadata agnostic design allows MetaVate to establish data and metadata integrity checks over Non-CRF data to facilitate oversight on third-party data acquisition and integration into existing clinical data lakes.
  3. SDTM+ automation: End-to-end automation of the SDTM+ or SDRM formats that are now widely used in organizations for regular data review with complete traceability of execution. These exports can be automated and scheduled, eliminating the need for double programming or cost-prohibitive reruns.

 "With the increasing complexity of data sources in clinical research, our sponsors need more efficient and accurate ways to manage and analyze their data," said Nithiya Ananthakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Algorics Inc. "With MetaVate, we are addressing these challenges by automating the data transformation process, improving data accuracy, and enabling timely regulatory submissions. A single technology for any data flow means less investment in the necessary technology tools."

Every new release of MetaVate is a testament to Algorics' commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses. The goal is to help clients take complete control of their clinical data, leverage AI/ML to drive innovation and unlock the full potential of their data to expedite time to market. 

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About Algorics: 

Founded in 2013, Algorics is a specialized data sciences partner to the life sciences industry, focusing on data management, biostatistics, programming, and data standardization. The company supports a global portfolio of biopharmaceutical and CRO clients with cost-effective and high-quality data services underpinned by technology know-how and access to high-quality talent across the US, Europe, and India. We help our customers increase productivity and accelerate development with our technology-backed solutions to enable data standardization and faster statistical reporting.

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