1] From founding Algorics in 2013, how has the journey been so far?

Having worked with large clinical research organizations and consulting firms, I founded Algorics with a passion for building products that drive efficiency and value in clinical research.

We started out with our product Acuity in clinical data analytics and statistical programming services. Within 5 years, the industry adoption of Acuity was incredible, leading up to the sale of our technology assets to OmniComm (now Anju Software) to grow it further.

The industry saw Algorics as an up-and-coming data science partner. With all the support we received, I relaunched the version 2.0 of the company in 2020 with a vision to be highly specialized in data sciences. As we all know, between March to September 2020, it was a complete shutdown, but our persistence and patience paid off. After Oct 2020, it has been a great come back where we have scaled to 140+ data experts across 9 offices globally, a spectrum of services, technology, and resourcing, supporting a diverse client base.

Today, be it data management, biostatistics, and programming, CDISC services, data analytics, or eClinical technology services, our clients trust us to walk with them every step of the data journey, and several covid-19 projects we have worked on are already approved and on the market globally.


2] How is Algorics different from other clinical data solution providers?

The life sciences industry has been challenged with spiralling R&D costs and increased risks, impacting their ability to invest in developing life-saving treatments.

Just as COVID took us by shock, we are only set to discover more and more population-wide diseases, increasing the healthcare burden globally. The only way companies can tackle this cost pressure is by streamlining their R&D.

The very DNA of Algorics is the use of technology, innovative services, and resourcing collaborations to streamline research and create value for our clients, be it a large biopharma, emerging biotech, or CRO. Here the combination of clinical technology and data analytics is path-breaking.

Our goal is to effectively map the clinical data journey in a way that no matter how many partners you work with, your clinical data will be centralized, harmonized, and safe, generating timely clinical insights to optimize trials and accelerate regulatory submissions.

In a nutshell, be it a large pharma, or emerging biotech, Algorics provides end-to-end data expertise with flexible and agile teams. This is why we call ourselves “data campers”- our biggest strength is that we are lean and this helps us adapt on the run.


3] In your view how has digital transformation in clinical research altered the post-COVID ways of working?

The need for lowering risks, personalized medicine, and opportunities created by technology have a huge impact on the R&D landscape. Today, researchers recognize the need for speed with quality, diversity in clinical trials, and what loss of data can do. Several innovations that emerged during the pandemic are now a way of life for us.

The industry is much more open to the diversification of partners, implementing new-age technology, and open to sharing innovations. The ecosystem will further move away from traditional stakeholders performing R&D to diverse partnerships with a range of players and multiple partnership structures.

The focus today is more on product innovation driven by real-world insights, leveraging existing data to make trials smarter and reduce patient exposure, thus shifting from large pipelines to personalized treatments.

It's no longer a choice to shy away from digital transformation. It isn’t in the future but here so if companies are not prepared, they run the risk of being behind time.


4] Stepping into the 10th year of Algorics, how has your vision for the company changed?

We want to lead the change in the industry. Algorics is one of the fastest-growing data science companies and we want to partner more, to positively impact how clinical data is collected, analyzed, and leveraged.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication- that is our mantra to innovate. Small yet smart automation can lead to sizeable cost savings for our clients. We want to be agile, continuously evolve with new tools, and build flexible teams to drive better efficiencies.


5] Personally, what has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

Two things. First, is our contribution to clinical research and cure, Algorics has been at the forefront of many COVID vaccine and oncology trials. Both therapeutic areas have very different data challenges, and these protocols are ground-breaking and impacting several millions of patients and their families worldwide.

Second is our people- my passion for people has been a huge motivator and we want to continue giving back by creating more and more opportunities and an inclusive workforce. With Algorics, we mentor, upskill, and grow careers in clinical research. Each of our staff could be playing a role in putting a product on the market and saving a life. This is truly the most rewarding part of our journey together.


For more details and to talk to our team, write to us at hello@algorics.com