“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -Francis of Assisi

As an Assistant Manager of day-to-day Operations at Algorics, based in the Bangalore office, I have seen on the ground how the business has grown during a challenging year. In this short blog I share some of my observations and experiences.

2020 marked a time of adversity for individuals and businesses around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The disruption was impossible to ignore. As the world shut down, many businesses struggled, and redundancies loomed – even within the buoyant pharmaceutical sector.  Businesses previously used to working primarily face to face needed to shift quickly to virtual platforms.

At Algorics, in March 2020 our journey had only just begun with our CEO Nithiya Ananthakrishnan, developing plans to relaunch Algorics in a new guise following the divesting of technology assets to OmniComm Systems. Our goals for the company were ambitious.

As the pandemic hit, it could have been difficult to move ahead, but was not impossible to do so. At the time, the organisation was in its infancy with a core number of employees and a vision to become a leading, technology enabled CRO supporting biostatistics and programming solutions for CROs and biopharma sponsors.  We were keen to leverage the track record and experience developed during the initial iteration of the company.

Achieving growth during an international crisis of this scale is a challenge. Yet, with great determination, a positive mindset, and strong business and operational focus the team was able to double the number of employees by the end of the second quarter of 2020.  Buoyed by this progress and even deeper determination, the number of employees continued to increase to a point where our headcount stands one year on from the launch, at over 30.  Headcount is of course one measure of growth and success.  As we have always done, we measure ourselves on our customer success, and the engagement of our team members.

We are proud to have worked with leading CROs and biopharmaceutical companies over the last 12 months and enabled their success.  During these challenging times, we have found that our agility and flexibility have been appreciated more than ever by our customers.  We are proud to have helped support aggressive project timelines for regulatory submissions, CDISC conversion and pooling work, and even stepped in to help with continuity efforts where customers have unexpectedly lost employees.  As we look ahead, we continue to have high hopes and a vision for the future of providing high quality, flexible embedded resourcing, data standardization and FSP solutions to customers- backed by our technology applications.

We thank all of you who supported our goals and helped us reach this stage. We look forward to connecting with many more and working hard to reach new heights.