Algorics, a data sciences solutions partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, today announced the launch of its IDEAS solutions platform. IDEAS has been designed by Algorics specifically to support emerging biotech with early-stage development, delivering early signal-based evidence during all stages of the journey from inception to submission. IDEAS is an integrated data and technology platform that supports the complete biotech organisation, adapting and scaling as needs evolve, irrespective of how many service providers are involved in development.

It's essential that early-stage biotech companies harness the full power of digital transformation as adopted by larger biopharma companies. This adoption reduces timelines, improves quality, and provides additional value from data assets that are being created, while meeting compliance requirements of the highly regulated life sciences industry. Although, the key to be truly successful is the introduction of new technology in parallel with appropriate processes. IDEAS takes processes designed specifically for early-stage companies and combines them with industry leading technology platforms thus driving intelligent use of data for evidence generation.

Nithiya Ananthakrishnan, CEO of Algorics, said, "Emerging biotechs are often challenged, as they transition from the pre-clinical to clinical phase, to allocate focused resources for the specialised quality, data and technology needs of their business. They fall back to accepting the default processes and solutions provided by each CRO who they work with, thus losing efficiencies as they move from one project to the next, changing CROs and vendor partners. We have designed IDEAS with the aim of providing emerging biotech with a platform that will remain with them throughout the clinical development journey. This reduces the internal pressures of multiple implementations and repeatedly having to adopt new systems. Importantly, IDEAS allows easy scalability as requirements evolve and ultimately give our clients complete control of their clinical data".

Chief medical officer of an emerging oncology biotech said "We are delighted to have found a strategic partner in Algorics who are sensitive to the needs of smaller organizations and able to scale up and down with us as our requirements change. Partnering with Algorics has allowed us to focus on the clinical development of our portfolio of indications, safe in the knowledge that the infrastructure that we rely on to ensure quality systems and regulatory standard data are in place, independent of which CRO we work with to deliver the clinical operations".

About Algorics

Founded in 2013, Algorics is a specialized data sciences partner to the life sciences industry focusing on data management, biostatistics, programming, and data standardisation. The company supports a global portfolio of biopharmaceutical and CRO clients with cost-effective and high-quality analytical services underpinned by technology know-how and access to high-quality talent across the USA, Europe and Asia. We help our customers increase productivity and accelerate development with our technology-backed solutions to enable data standardisation and faster statistical reporting.

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